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Elna Experience 450 Sewing Machine 2 Hour Use

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Come and use our Elna Experience 450 Computerised Light Duty Sewing Machine. This is an entry level machine, perfect for beginners and accurate enough for professionals. Lots of stitches to pick from and simple to thread needle gadget.

Charged at £7 for two hours. We supply the machine, empty bobbins, needles and some space to work. The rest is down to you. A seam picker is always recommended. 

Use of the machine is entirely at your own risk. If you bring children with you they must be supervised at all times. They can not explore the site alone. We run a sewing pattern printing company in the same unit and printers make noise, phones ring and tape dispensers, don't get me started on tape dispensers.

You will be shown the basics on how the machine works but that is it. We do not offer sewing lessons or professional advice. It is always worth watching a YouTube video on the machine or downloading a manual and having a read.

We sell some accessories but it is best to bring your own embellishments, threads and tools unless you know we have what you need.

We have tea, coffee, water and a selection of soft drinks available.

If you need more time with the machine. Please book separate sessions back to back. If you increase the QTY it will not add more time. 

Below is a list of features of this machine,

  • Computerised
  • 30 stitches selections
  • 1 step auto-sizing buttonhole
  • Rotary top loading bobbin (Category B)
  • Digital LED display
  • Electronic speed limiter
  • Needle up/down control
  • Variable stitch length (maximum 4mm)
  • Variable stitch width (maximum 5mm)
  • Maximum speed 820s.p.m.
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Manual thread tension control
  • Twin needle facility
  • Horizontal spool pin
  • Drop feed facility
  • Auto de-clutch bobbin winder
  • Superior feed system (SFS)/7 piece feed dog
  • Auto lock stitch
  • 11 built-in needle positions
  • Snap on feet
  • Free arm storage compartment
  • Carry handle
  • Power switch
  • Arm space 15.8cm