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Sewing - Out of The Box

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This is a pre-booked event only. Please do not turn up without a ticket.


Got a sewing machine but feel too intimidated to start using it? Bring it to our Out Of The Box workshop and learn how easy it is to set up. Make your own fabulous cushion.

From there, you will have the skills to start making your own projects.

Opening Offer - £25 per person

Call 07900818811 for a chat and see if the workshop is for you.

Free Fabric and Notions.

Unused sewing machines are hiding away in thousands of homes. Most of them were bought with the intent to make fabulous outfits, unique furnishings and beautiful gifts.

The problem is, once faced with a machine, many people worry they might break it, mess up their beautiful fabric or think they'll get round to it when they have time. That time is now. Dust off those boxes and bring them to my Out Of The Box workshop, where you will learn how to set up your own machine and make a cushion to be proud of. Along the way, you will learn the first steps towards a fun and creative new hobby.


Please remember to bring your machine's lead, any bits and pieces that came with it and your glasses, if you need them.

CLC Craft Centre

CLC offers a creative space for learning and inspiration with lessons and events for people of all ages and abilities.

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Our services are open to people of all ages and abilities with a few exceptions. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied in the centre by a responsible person over 18. No Id No Entry, if we ask.

Not sure how to say the next bit with out offending someone. If you do not have full cognitive or physical ability, you are advised to bring a companion with you.

Regardless of the above. If you fcuk up your project, own it. We take no responsibility for your actions.

Smoking is strictly prohibited outside of allocated spaces. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. If your intoxicated on arrival you will be escorted off the site.

Any and all illegal activities will be reported to the correct authorities. They, most likely, wont do anything but at least we done our bit.

This maybe a foreign concept but we do not sell your details to the highest bidder. All data stored by CLC is used by CLC to facilitate your interactions with CLC only.


Unit 12 Alpha Garden Centre, 238 London Road, Wickford, SS12 0JX.

Enter the site via London Road, head over to the left from the main car park opposite Lillies Café and find a space.

We are located in the back left corner next to Doggie Styles and Happy Campers in the horse shoe shaped area. The big yellow Thrift shop is at the front. Were the purple building.

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